30 Jan

Geometry - Properties of shape

In year 3 the children have been learning about angles. The children completed a range of angle challenges outside. They had to write down the route from the start of the cones to the end using the vocabulary; forward, 90 degrees, clockwise and anticlockwise. The children did really well using the…

18 Jan

Geometry - properties of shape

This week the children have been learning about the  properties of shape 

We went out on to the playground using the iPads and found lines which were horizontal, vertical and also pairs of perpendicular and parallel lines. 

Then today the children have looked at different pieces of art work…

14 Dec

Animals including Humans - Nutrition

Today in Science the children have been looking at nutrition and how much sugar is in drinks.

We looked at different kinds of drinks and the children predicted how much sugar was in each drink. The children were shocked to find out that 15 sugar cubes are in one can of coke. Then children then…

28 Nov

Willow Class self-portraits.


Today the children have created their own self-portraits. Have a look at their fantastic designs. 


2 Nov

Anglo - Saxons

On Monday, the children were introduced to our new History topic of Anglo Saxons. 

The children were put into groups and then they had to re-enact the picture and complete some drama work linked to the photo. 

Have a look at what they created. 



19 Oct

Well Done!

Well done to all the children in Willow Class. 

We have had a very busy first half term in Key Stage 2. I'm very proud of you all and everything you have achieved so far. 

Have a lovely break. 

Miss Holt, Miss Horgan and Mrs Hoyle. 

12 Oct


After almost half a term of being taught some of the skills of judo - to pin our opponent down and to get out of a hold, Year 3 competed against each other in small groups. I have to say, they all performed well and each child gained a certificate. All the children showed that they had been…

5 Oct

Light - Shadows

This week, we have been learning about shadows in Year 3. The children were every excited to see that our classroom had become a dark room. The children worked in three groups and they had different objects, each of which, they had to measure the shadow from 2 metres away then 50cm. They used…

28 Sep

'The Great Outdoors'

Yesterday Year 3 went on their walk into the community to look at local water supplies. The weather was very kind to us and the children had lots of fun learning about rivers and being outdoors. We walked just over 2 miles and I was so proud of all the children during the walk. 

We then came…

26 Sep

Pre-learning homework - Rivers

Have a look at the fantastic pre-learning work the children have brought into school linked to our topic of Rivers. 

We will be going on our walk tomorrow in the community. I wonder what we are going to see? 

21 Sep

Times Table Rock Stars

Well done to Gabriel and Kami for completing all their Times Table Rockstar games this week. Who is going to be at the top of the leader board next week?

Don’t forget to log in and complete the games and challenges.

13 Sep

Outdoor learning

The children have been learning lots of new and interesting things in year 3. They have been looking at the four points of a compass to communicate knowledge of the United Kingdom. The children used a compass to find North, South, East and West in our school ground then drew what they could see at…