Similar to Design Technology, Art at Gillibrand is taught as a sequence of lessons that form a journey to create a final piece of artwork that is celebrated.  Art lessons are purposeful and meaningful. They are linked to other subjects, with skills being reinforced and retained in other areas of learning including, for example, RE, History, PSHE and Science.  Our curriculum is enhanced through support of local artists with specialist skills that not only support the development of our pupils but also our staff.  Most recently, our children worked with a local artist to design and create a mural for our school hall that reflects our school values.  This is now a permanent feature that is celebrated and enjoyed.  Sketch books are used throughout KS1 and KS2. Their purpose is to enable the children to record their art thoughts, practise their skills and show their outcomes and demonstrate progression in skills as they develop in confidence and become creative artists by the time they leave our school.