29 Mar

Walking Wednesday

Year 4 loved their walk in the woods today.

Some of the children want to go back now and explore the woods even more!

1 Mar

Walking Wednesday in the Community

Elm and Beech classes walked out into the community today on the first of two routes we will be walking this half term. They had a great time and answered many geography questions as well as raising our fitness levels. Some of our children had never walked this route and saw a new part of our…

21 Feb

Building bird boxes

Woodwork workshops

To help improve the wildlife we attract to our school grounds, we decided to build some bird boxes. Mr and Mrs Morey helped us to build our very own bird boxes out of wood. We put these together using hammers and nails, then sanded the edges to create more inviting homes…

9 Feb

Outdoor maths

This week Year 5 have been using the outdoor space to consolidate their learning of fractions. Some groups were comparing fractions and other groups were creating diagrams to show equivalent fractions.

8 Feb

Year 6 Helping in the Community

As part of the Chorley Civic Pride Award, we are helping in our community. Today Elm Class went out with some parents and cleaned up our local community by litter picking. We discussed the importance of our community and why it is vital to play our part. We then put this into action by starting a…

1 Feb

Mirror Mazes

In science, some of the year 6 pupils have been learning about how mirrors reflect light. We played mirror mazes outside and attempted to walk along a wavy line while looking only in a mirror held overhead. We found it tricky because of the reversal of left and right when looking into the mirror.…

27 Jan

Woodland Trust Bronze Award

Well done everyone! We have recieved the Woodland Trust Green Tree Schools Bronze Award! To achieve this we have been learning about the Woodland Trust in assemblies, planted 30 trees in our KS2 playground and recycled all of our ink cartridges. What a fantastic start! We are now aiming for the…

23 Jan

Reception Class start to work towards the 'Step Outside' quality mark

In the Early Years Foundation Stage the learning that goes on outside is of equal importance to the learning in the classroom. The children learn and develop through play and enjoyment. We are currently training and working towards a quality mark to ensure our Reception Class are experiencing the…

18 Jan

Y6 Outdoor Maths

This week, year 6 have been learning about angles in maths. We went outside, with our protractors, to measure and draw some angles. 

13 Dec

Outdoor Club Autumn 2016

We have had a great time over the last term in outdoor club. Key stage one children have been putting on their wellies every week to experience the great outdoors. Here are some of the fun things we have been doing: 


8 Nov

Tree planting at Gillibrand

Tree Planting  - Wednesday 16th November

As part of our ‘Going for Green’ playground development, we will be planting 30 trees in our outdoor space and we would like your help.

We will be planting trees on Wednesday 16th November after school.  If you would like to offer your help please…

3 Nov

Calling all parents

We have been very lucky with the weather this year so far. However we would love to continue teaching outdoors whenever possible over the winter. If any parents have spare pairs of old wellies, that no longer fit their children, we would be very grateful if you could donate them to school.