17 Nov

Anti-Bullying and E-Safety Week.

This week has been Anti-Bullying and E-Safety week. Children first learnt how to access Toot Toot so they can share their concerns and worries. We have also created Anti-Bullying poster and freeze framed bullying scenarios, talking about how both the bully and the victim feel. 

On Thursday we…

27 Oct

Ready, steady, cook!

This week, Year 3 have been learning  a range of cooking skills. On Wednesday we learned how to make a traditional stew. The stew was based on a 100 year old recipe, to give the children an idea what people would eat in Chorley over 100 years ago. The children had to hygienically prepare the…

24 Oct

Learning how to sew!

Part of the Year 3 Design Technology curriculum is learning how to sew. Today we practised the skill by using a needle, wool and binka material.

First we learned how to thread the eye of the needle, which was tricky for some, and why we need to knot the longer end of the thread.

The children…

24 Oct


In Computing we have been learning about algorithms. We created cities using multilink, we had to then program the beebot with an accurate algorithm to navigate the city, ensuring the beebot didn’t knock any buildings over.

If we made mistakes we had to ‘debug’ the algorithm, spotting the…

16 Oct



Today in Year 3 we have been learning what an algorithm is. An algorithm is a procedure of instructions.

First we wrote algorithms for everyday procedures like making a cup of tea or getting ready for school. Then, the children were challenged to make 2d shapes by programming algorithms on…

13 Oct

Year 3 Gymnastics


Today in Year 3 we learnt in PE about balances and travels. We put together a sequence of balance, travel, balance. Each balance had to be either a 1 or 3 point balance.


2 Oct

Playing the Ukulele!


Year 3 have started to learn how to play the ukulele. So far we have learnt to hold the ukulele correctly and play  ‘C’. We look forward to improving our skills over the course of the year. Children will need to bring in their ukuleles on Fridays.



29 Sep

Shadow Puppets!

In Year 3, we have been linking science with DT. Currently our Science topic is ‘Light and Shadows’ and we have been learning that a shadow is formed when an object blocks the light. To show our learning, we made shadow puppets of characters from our current class novel - Fantastic Mr Fox. We made…

25 Sep

Year 3 Junior STEM Workshop

Today year three enjoyed a workshop carried out by Junior STEM Primary Robotics. At first they were introduced to the STEM robotic kits and asked to build a basic structure. The pupils were then asked to program a simple algorithm to make it move (clockwise and anti- clockwise), change colour, add…

22 Sep

Making Roly-Poly Birds!

This week Year 3 have been improving our DT skills. Initially in the week lots of children struggled to use scissors to be able to cut accurately. We made Roly-Poly birds from ‘The Twits’ story to practise and get better at cutting accurately. We used PVA glue and tearing of tissue paper to put…

13 Sep

Fantastic Mr Fox Mask Making!

To celebrate Roald Dahl day, in Design Technology we created Fantastic Mr Fox masks.

Fantastic Mr Fox is our current class novel and the class are really enjoying it!

To create the masks we had to cut carefully around the template and the cardboard, then we used poster paint to paint the…

7 Jul

Year 2 Astley Park 2017

Year 2 have had a wonderful day today with Year 1 and the reception class at Astley Park. They have played on the ropes, enjoyed a nature walk and completed an assault course. All the children behaved very well and we are very proud of them. 

On the return to school the children recieved a choc…