Today year four enjoyed a workshop carried out by Junior STEM Primary Robotics. 

The skills they had to cover were:

  • identify lego pieces
  • use engineering skills to build a Merry-Go-Round out of Lego.
  • use programming skills to write an algorithm to control the Merry-Go-Round
  • use determination to solve problems and achieve. 

At first they were introduced to the STEM robotic kits and asked to build a basic structure. The pupils were then asked to programme a simple algorithm to make it move (clockwise and anti-clockwise), change colour, add sound and a background picture. 

After being shown how to use the software to build their algorithms they were challenged to build a fairground ride. This was a Merry-Go-Round. During this process they built their models, solved any problems and modified their design to make it better. 

The children have had a fantastic morning and definitely learned a lot.