13 Dec

Christmas Lunch 2019

The children all had a fabulous time at the Christmas lunch this year.  There was great music, great food and terrible Christmas cracker jokes!  Ho, ho, ho!

7 Jun

Pre Learning - Mapping Our School Grounds

Some parents and family members came to school today to help us map our classroom and school grounds.


1 Mar

Year 1 History Pre-Learning

We welcomed family members into our class today to join us for our pre-learning sessions this week.  All the children had a great time exploring, researching and discovering all about Alan Turing and Queen Victoria.

1 Feb

Judo Sessions

We had our fourth judo session this week.  We learned how to throw an opponent safely and land safely from a throw.


18 Jan


The children had their second judo session today.  They refined their 'pin down' and learned how to fall safely.


11 Jan

Pre Learning Sessions - Let It Grow

We all had a fabulous time during are pre-learning sessions learning about plants.  Thank you to the parents, carers and family members who came into class to learn alongside us.

20 Dec

Christmas Lunch

We enjoyed a fantastic Christmas lunch today with great food, singing, crackers, party hats and the usual terrible jokes from the crackers!!!  The children all had a great time.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


11 Dec


We continued our work on anti-bullying today.  The children watched two videos from BBC Bitesize and we spoke about our experiences.  The children agreed on the importance of telling a grown up and the children were reassured that they would not be in trouble for reporting cases of bullying.  The…

15 Nov

Year 1 Great Fire of London

We had a visit from 'Professor Tuesday' this week.  She worked with the children throughout the day, teaching them all about 'The Great Fire' in 1666.  The children built London then used drama to recreate the spreading and subsequent halting of the fire (but not before a great deal of destruction…

9 Nov

Lest We Forget

To commemorate the upcoming Rememberance Day, the children have been using their art skills to create images of poppies and just look at their fabulous paintings!

2 Nov

Has Anyone Seen The Bog Baby?

Has anyone seen the bog baby?  We searched high and low, all around our school grounds but could we find it? No!


This week, the children have started reading 'The Bog Baby' by Jeanne Willis and Gwen Millward.  It is a beautiful story about a magical pond in 'Bluebell…